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“Let us help you with that workload”



Pipe Condition &
Leak Detection


A critical component to public health and

economic well-being is our drinking water

which is brought to the tap through a network

of underground pipe distribution systems. 


DCC has teamed up with Echologics (A Mueller owned Company) to provide the latest technology in Pipe Condition assessment along with leak detection to give your utility the ability to make informed decision regarding future projects.  Most of this infrastructure is underground, it is out of sight and often neglected.  Empirical data on water main breaks help utilities and municipalities in their repair and replacement decision making processes, as they want to deliver clean drinking water to their customers at an affordable price.

Additionally, here are a couple of links that might give you a better sense of the services and real-world experiences.  Watch the videos for a quick summary and visual of the product.


Hydrants and Meters

If your system needs some deferred maintenance or upgrades, consider contacting DCC for discussion of options and costs.  From changeout or aged scissor hydrants to replacement of outdated water meters.  If your meters have not been changed out in the past ten years you are losing money every gallon.


Septic Systems

Have you ever wondered what is going on in that extra tank now very common on new septic systems?  Alternative Treatment Technologies (ATT) are treatment systems that do not conform to DEQ standard system guidelines. Commonly, ATT’s incorporate an aerobic treatment process and discharge to a smaller than average absorption facility. ATT’s are required when a standard septic system will not sufficiently mitigate environmental and/or health hazards for a specific site or use. The DEQ maintains a list of approved technologies allowed for use in the state of Oregon. DCC is qualified for installation of septic systems from the minimum leach field to the new technology required for many systems both residential and commercial.  Contact us for questions or clarifications regarding your system needs.


Utility Support

Direct Responsible Charge (DRC) services 

With an in-depth background including professional certified water and wastewater personnel on-staff DCC can act as your DRC for utilities in transition or if you choose not to employ a full time on-site operator.  Your system can benefit from our knowledge and experience base. 



The continually increasing responsibility of managing your utility has eliminated the idea of having spare time to keep the system running as well as possible.  “Let us help you with that workload” as we employ staff of professional Water and Wastewater certified specialists.  If you are considering system upgrades or simply want to discuss what’s new in the industry, we would be happy to talk to you.  No one knows your system better that you and with your knowledge and our experience we can help get your utility to a place where there are less concerns because you have planned for the future.



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